GA Design

The brand refresh of Jive Software presented a rare opportunity to show the amazing things that are possible when people truly collaborate and communicate.

In 2014 Jive launched a Collaboration Project bringing together artists from around the world to create something truly unique, a brand identity built through meaningful and real work done on the platform itself. In doing this they lent a deeper meaning to the brand, one that other companies can only claim.

All work was created by me or in collaboration with my small band of merry men, and women.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Jive brand.

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Jive-2014_Home.jpg Jive-2014_Workstyle.jpg Jive-2014_Discover-2.jpg JSDC-2014-icons.jpg PowerPoint-Template.jpg Brand-Identity-Guidelines.jpg Jive-brand-collateral_1.jpg Jive-Event-Booth.jpg