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In 2014 released their commerce app to the App and Play Store with moderate success. But with no clear vision for where the app was headed and what it meant to the business, growth plateaued.

In 2015 I began working together with the mobile engineering and business intelligence groups to expand on the core offering of the store app. Rather than solely anticipating what our customers wanted…through mobile metrics, app store sentiment, user testing and customer interviews we were able to identify their wants, needs and expectations to deliver on the experience they’d been asking for all along.

UNIFIED EXPERIENCE needed to ensure their digital experience was seamless across all platforms to meet the expectations of customers, who increasingly use more than one device to purchase and have more options when those expectations aren’t met.

To support that goal we focused on providing the same product finding strategies and features our customers came to expect from .COM — search suggestions, personalized recommendations, refinements and collections — but optimized for mobile context.

Analyzing the metrics we recognized a considerable number of customers who weren’t making it through the initial registration screen — this lead to app abandonments and uninstalls. To prove the value of the app and get more customers in the door we implemented an anonymous browsing experience allowing the customer to SKIP and return to the login/registration process later once they have decided to checkout or utilized profile-specific features.


  • 38% increase in sales volume
  • 11% increase in conversion
  • 20% increase in screen views per session
  • Best in class sales conversion

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