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THE ASK has a dedicated following and millions of unique visitors a month viewing articles, and a relatively small portion of those buy products. Leadership came to my team for a plan on how to monetize content and generate revenue outside of Commerce.

We flew to Boise and held a five day, 6 phase Design Sprint:

  1. Understand – Getting all key stakeholders into a room to better understand the business goals, technical restrictions and customer needs.
  2. Define – Developing the group’s focus and strategy by defining the customer journey and performing a market survey to identify opportunities.
  3. Diverge – Rather than choosing the first “best idea” the product designers split up and each defined their own ideas on what this experience could be.
  4. Decide – During this phase the Product Designers met with leadership to vote for the best ideas and ultimately decided on one option to prototype.
  5. Prototype – We developed a roadmap for a phased release identifying what key features were required for the MVP experience — minimum viable product — and rapidly begun to prototype. By doing this we were able to test the viability of the product without investing a lot of time and money.
  6. Validate – After launching the MVP internally for QA and testing and determining we were on to something, did a soft launch with a limited number of our customers to validate if the “idea was really any good”.


  • Fully Native or Hybrid – My team argued for a fully native experience, that took advantage of the best of what each platform had to offer citing supportive research and user experience as a key differentiator.
  • Universal or Platform Specific UI – due to the hybrid approach stakeholders had chosen we opted for a universal UI, but after discussing with Google and Apple they recommended going fully native in order to get featured in the App and Play Store.


  • Fastest product launch in BB history
  • Mobile App represents a new revenue stream

Watch the video below to learn more about B-Daily.

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